Spokesperson of the Bank
Mr. Bhai Raja Tuladhar
Deputy General Manager
Email: bhairaja.tuladhar@pcbl.com.np
Grievance Handling Officer
Mr. Prashant Dangol
Phone No: 4423988
Email: prashant.dangol@pcbl.com.np
Exchange Rate
USD 114.5 115.1
EUR 126.28 127.47
GBP 139.54 140.84
CHF 115.64 116.79
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Stock Exchange
Banking Hour
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Base Rate & Interest Spread Asadh76



Prime Commercial Bank Limited

Base Rate and Interest Spread 2076


S.No Particulars Asadh 2076
a Cost of Funds 7.90%
b Cost of CRR 0.33%
c Cost of SLR 0.21%
d Operating Cost 1.59%
  Base Rate(Total of a to d) 10.03%
  Interest Spread 4.32%