Chief Information Officer

Mr. Amrit Charan Shrestha

Position: General Manager-Operations

Contact No : 4423215

Grievance Handling Officer

Mr. Prashant Dangol

Mobile No: 9851091602

Contact No: 4423215 EXT: 2165

Covid Response Officer

Mr. Ananda Subedi, Head, Central Operations

Mobile No: 9851098766 

Contact No: 4423215 EXT: 2121

Compliance Officer

Mr. Kamlesh Ratna Konajo

Contact No: 4423215 EXT: 2440

Company Secretary

Mr. Raj Kumar Karki

Contact No: 4423215 EXT: 2267

Exchange Rate
USD 116.95 117.55
EUR 141.4 143.82
GBP 164.4 166.82
CHF 129.71 131.09
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Stock Exchange
Banking Hour
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1. Transactions Set Allowed

i. ATM


a. Fast Cash YES
b. Cash Withdrawal YES
c. Balance Enquiry YES
d. PIN Change YES
e. Mini Statement YES

Member ATMs

a. Cash Withdrawal YES
b. Balance Enquiry YES
c. Mini Statement YES
d. PIN Change YES


a. Purchase YES
b. Cash Advance YES
c. Void YES
d. Tips Adjustment YES
e. Reversal YES

2. Transaction Limits

For use in NEPAL
a. Per Transaction Cash Withdrawal Limit (Maximum Amount) Rs. 16,000.00
b. Daily Cash Withdrawal (Maximum Amount) Rs. 50,000.00
c. Daily Cash Withdrawal (Maximum Count) 10 (Combi of ATM/POS)
d. Per Transaction Purchase Limit ( Maximum Amount) Rs. 50,000.00
e. Daily Purchase (Maximum Amount) Rs.100,000
f. Daily Purchase (Maximum count) 10 (Combi of ATM/POS)
g. Total Daily Limit (Purchase+ Cash) Rs. 150,000
h. Total Daily Count (Purchase+ Cash) 10
i. Monthly Limit ATMs (Maximum) NPR. 5,00,000
j. Monthly Purchase NPR. 4,00,000


For use in INDIA
a. Daily Cash Withdrawal (Maximum Amount)-ATM NPR. 16,000
b. Per Transaction Withdrawl- ATM NPR. 16,000
c. Monthly withdrawl-ATM NPR. 160,000
d. Per Transaction Limit (POS) NPR. 50,000
e. Daily Transaction Limit (POS) NPR. 100,000
f. Monthly Transaction Limit (POS) NPR. 320,000


3. Card Fees

a. Card Subscription fee (with 3 years validity) 600
b. Card Annual Fee -
c. Card Renewal Fee 600
d. Card Replacement Fee 600
e. PIN Generation Fee -
f. Re-PIN Generation Fee 100
g. Other Services Fee -
h. Card Block Fee -

4. Transactional Fees


a. Cash Withdrawal -
b. Balance Enquiry -
c. Mini Statement -
d. Fast Cash -
e. PIN Change -

Member ATMs/ Non-Member ATMs

a. Cash Withdrawal Rs. 30
b. Balance Enquiry Rs. 10

International ATMs (For India)

a. Cash Withdrawal Rs. 250
b. Balance Enquiry Rs. 50