Term Finance

We will take up feasible projects for funding from fixed capital to working capital loan.

Project financing will help you to acquire or finance fixed assets which will be in the form of a long term loan for acquiring or purchasing machinery, equipment, land and building.

The tenure of repayment is based on cash flow.
Checklist of Copy of Basic Documents required for Corporate Loans
  1. Title Deed (lalpurja)
  2. Blue print of cadastral map (Napi Naksha)
  3. Recent land revenue payment receipt from malpot office (Tiro Tireko Rashid)
  4. Wealth tax payment receipt of the borrower.
  5. Copy of property transfer deed.
  6. Nata pramanit certificate issued by local authority.
  7. Certificate from municipality stating the name of land owners of four corners along with kitta no. (Char-Killa Pramanit Gareko)
  8. Citizenship certificate of the landlord.
  9. Approved/Certified building drawing along with the approval (Naksha Pass Certificate)
  10. “No Objection Letter’ (NOC) in case of collateral owned by third party (Manjurinama).
  11. NOC from legal heires of owner of the company/institution mortgage of the property/ies.
  12. Copies of proof of rental income.
  13. Past transaction record at previous Bank.
  14. Latest statement of stock.
  15. Latest statement of receivables.
  16. Three years audited/projected Financial Statements/Balance Sheets
  17. Documents related to company/firm:
    1. Article & Memorandum of Association/Partnership Deed
    2. Registration Certificate
    3. Tax Clearance Certificate/PAN Card/VAT registration certificate
    4. Joint Venture Agreement (wherever applicable)
    5. Resolution of Partners/Board of Directors for availing:
      1. Banking facilities
      2. Authorization for loan operation
      3. Authorization to mortgage
      4. Mortgage company’s/Institution assets
      5. Provide undertaking
      6. Provide corporate guarantee
    6. Copy of citizenship certificate of major shareholders