Deprived Sector Loan

A) Deprived Sector Loan - Institutional
• Institutions/ Microfinance Companies working for the deprived sectors duly licensed by NRB are eligible for the loan.
Nature of Facility
• Non-revolving
• Interest payable on quarterly basis.
• Interest Rate:               Refer Rate of Interest Published
B) Deprived Sector Loan - Personal
Prime Kaligadh Karja
With an aim to promote Handicraft business and support individual indigenous craftsmen involved in metal crafts, wood crafts, stone crafts and similar business , bank has developed product named ‘Prime Kaligadh Karja’ to extend credit facility to finance their working capital requirement.
  • Skilled Nepalese craftsmen doing Handicraft business since last one year (metal, stone paving, wood paving, jewelries and similar business).
• Personal guarantee of borrower/ family members;
• Hypothecation of handicrafts with PCBL  
• Repayment period: 3 months to 6 months;
• Interest amount to be deposited due at the end of each month and principle amount at the time of maturity of the credit facility;
Interest Rate:                             Refer Rate of Interest Published
                                                     with rebate of 1% interest on timely repayment;
Service Charge
• 2 % of total loan amount;