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Small and Medium Enterprises Loan

  • Financing of working capital requirement of the business
  • Financing for capital expenditure (in the form of Fixed Term Loan)
  • Financing of various Funded Facilities and Non-funded facilities (LC & Bank Guarantee)
  • Very low and competitive interest rate.
  • Quick processing and prompt approval.
  • Better Suggestion from Relationship Managers for business expansion and operation.
  • Loan processing fee: 1.00% of the loan amount
  • Prepayment charge: 1% of the prepaid amount (In case of Term Loan)
  • Small and medium scale industries ; Trading sector (wholesaler & retailers/distributors, importer and exporters), service sector (cargo/ freight forwarders, travel/ tour/ ticketing agencies, hospital/ polyclinics, educational consultancies etc.) and any other sector
  • Firm/ company owned by Nepalese individual registered in concerning government authorities / municipality / VDC. 
  • Minimum 2 years of business operation or if the business in new the client should have 2 years of experience in the similar field.
  • Primary security: Hypothecation of stocks, assignment of debtors and receivables of the unit
  • Secondary Security: Acceptable Fixed Assets Collateral.
Interest Rate
  • Applicable Rate:             Refer Rate of Interest Published

Documents Required

  • Loan Request of the borrowing unit
  • Photocopy of citizenship certificate of applicant, guarantor.
  • Family details, Networth statement and Multi Banking Form dully filled by applicant and guarantor
  • Current account in the name of the borrowing unit
  • Details of the sister concerns
  • Photocopy of Firm / company Registration
  • Photocopy of article of association and memorandum of association and board resolution  (In case of Company)
  • Stock report, account receivables and payables
  • Photocopy of land ownership certificate
  • Financial statement of last three years either audited or management prepared
  • Original blue print of the land
  • Photocopy of construction completion certificate from Municipality/VDC (Nirman Sampanna Pramanpatra).
  • Photocopy of four Boundary Disclosure (Char Killa) from ward office of the land/building to be placed as collateral.
  • Photocopy of latest land revenue receipt (Malpot Receipt) and tax clearance receipt of the building to be placed as collateral
  • Photocopy of Tax/PAN/VAT certificate along with registration certificate
  • Photocopy of land/housing Transfer Deed (Rajinama)
  • Other documents stipulated by the Bank from time to time