Utility Bill Payment


Nepal Telecom:

  • GSM Mobile Bill Payment
  • PSTN Phone Bill Payment
  • ADSL Account Recharge

Nepal Telecom customers can pay Bill Payment of above sevices through any branches of  Prime Bank.

Mode of Payment:

  • Cash Payment: Customers can pay bill of GSM Mobile/PSTN phone/ADSL by filling separate deposite voucher from any branches of the bank.
  • Standing Instruction: Customer can pay bill of GSM Moblie/PSTN phone/ADSL by giving standing instruction to the bank. Customers must have account and maintain enough balance for bill payment.

Know your Bill Amount:

  • For PSTN phone Bill Amount: Dail 1606 Nepal Telecom Bill Inquiry System and follow the instruction given by the Bill Inquiry System.
  • For GSM Mobile Bill Amount: Click the link eprintz.ntc.net.np/webprintzNew/  and fill as required.

 For more information, please visit Nepal Telecom official site www.ntc.net.np/notices/paymentThruBank.php.